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Tim Smith

I needed a new truck, after my S10 broke down (thanks Chevy), and bought a beautiful Ford Bronco. The salesman I worked with, Mr. Dworshack, was very knowladgable, and helped me get a great deal on my truck.

Billy Mays

Are you tired of the drivetrain in your car, constantly falling off? Hi, Billy Mays here for the world's greatest used car dealer, Midwest Oxidation. Why am I throwing bricks at my new car? So I can get a car from Midwest Oxidation! Now watch as a buy a car from their amazing website. Their patent pending sales procedures, are the best in the business. But wait there's more! If you call the number in the contact information in the next 11 years, you'll recieve two cars, for the price of both! But that's not all, Midwest Oxidation will also guarantee that if you throw bricks at your used car, the car will be damaged.

Bobby Brantly

I wanted a new Dodge pickup, cuz my ol' one wore out. When I found Midwest Oxidation, I new I was in good hands.

Ronnie Shirley

If you got that champagne taste, with a flat beer pocket book, Midwest Oxidation is perfect for you. You can find the perfect vehicle for your needs, for less than the competition. My car left me on the side of the road, but you know, some days you're the cat, and some days you're the cat litter. When I left Midwest Oxidation in my new car, I was happier than a shoe fly in an outhouse, or a short legged fat pony in a high field of oats.

Dave Turing

When my semi driver got our new wash plant stuck in a creek, I was able to easily pull the semi, and the plant out with my 2012 Ford F-350 from Midwest Oxidation.

John McClane

I needed to buy my coworker a new Crown Vic, because I accidently blew his up while I was brushing my teeth. I found one in good condition at MidwestOxidation.com!

Jordan Layt

tH!s sigt ez tiralbe yuo r g@rbag litLe^1 kide! EyE cud dui butta wit mII Iz cluzd m8!

Steve Jobs

These salesmen, are better than mine.

Nicholas Cage

I wish I could afford the GT350, but I can't. The last good movie I was in was in the year 2000.

(user undefined)

My Honda Accord fell off the road on the way to pick-up my Uncle from therapy. I got a new one for less than the value of my old one, thanks to Midwest Oxidation.